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Grandpa Blakeslee was a very interesting fellow. He proved this several times throughout the book, in fact, he was my favorite character. He doesn't really care what other people think about him. Which is a good virtue. Self-aware, yet, isn't swayed by others negative opinions, such as him and Miss Love's marriage.

Mr. Blakeslee is a very cheap man, when everyone else in Cold Sassy has running water and indoor plumbing he refuses to conform even though technology permits. He seems to like things more simple, such as going outside to use the bathroom. I believe that he starts to sway his opinion after he goes to New York and buys a car.

Grandpa Blakeslee is quite old. He has thick dark hair and a long grey beard. His left arm is cut off just below the elbow. He has been married two times, first to Mattie Lou and then to Miss Love.

He married Miss Love just 3 weeks after the death of his former wife, Mattie Lou.

Mr. Blakeslee also seems to show a sympathetic side. For example, he showed his undying affection for Miss Love even when she didn't repay the affection. When Mr. Campbell killed himself, Grandpa gave him a good funeral, even though it was suicide. Suicide was severely frowned upon in Cold Sassy. The people in Cold Sassy lived in a manner to escape Gods wrath.

All in all, I believe that Grandpa was a good man. Despite him being frugal, he was honest, and true. He didn't give into pressure. He had morals, yet didn't extend them to a point where he looked like a fool. A good, honest, kind, humane person.