Granting Legal Rights to Immigrants.

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Rising Unemployment Increases Crime Rate.

It is a prevailing assumption in the society and an acceptable norm that the crime rate has direct links with unemployment a lot only crime rate, but also the suicide rate and decline healthiness.

Unemployment rate can be considered as the number of unemployed workers divided by the total civilian labor force. A job means a total support to maintain the financial obligations such as purchasing food, paying bills, mortgage payments of rent etc. Without a clean source of income nobody can survive but creates an unnecessary burden on the society. Hence "JOB" plays a very important role in today's economy.

But during the great depression when unemployment rate exceeded to 20%, the crime rate did not increase. It is very surprising but there is a very strong logic behind it. That is, people have no choice when they face a situation of unemployment they seek government welfare programs such as food stamps, housing assistance, unemployment insurance, unemployment compensation, single parents should be provided with free day-care centers and subsidies to aid in retraining etc.

Also when a person has no way getting an income, he tends to borrow money from banks and informal methods. Resorting to all these methods a person ensures himself that he meets all his basic needs, within this framework. Hence, attempting mischief, robbery and crime will not exist under such circumstances. By way of issuing food stamps to a certain value, is a very conducive and appropriate method of subsiding the low income, unemployed citizens. Food is an essential factor for our existence. It is a basic necessity.

Government can assist the low income families by providing them with free medical facilities, since the low income families do not have sufficient money to pay in an emergency and...