Grapes Of Wrath

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Epilogue to the Grapes of Wrath.

When you think of the leader of the family, you normally think of the father figure. But John Steinbeck didn't have that idea for his novel, "The Grapes of Wrath." He decided to have a female lead the family. That female was Ma Joad. Thoughout all the hardships that the Joad family went through, she was always there herding and guiding them through their troubles.

Chapter thirty one: Over the next few days, Rosasharn fed the sick man with her breast milk. After a couple days of doing this, the man began to regain his strength. He was able to speak again. He told them his name was Jacob, and his son was Tommy. Once he was able to walk again, they all headed out, Jacob and his son, and the Joads, on their way to find good honest work. They headed back up north through California.

Chapter thirty two: After two days of traveling, Rosasharn starts to become sick. She loses all her strength, and they believe it is from her being soaking wet in the rain. Over the next couple of days she gets worse and worse. Once they make it to Anderson, they find a doctor. He tells them that she has pneumonia. They stay in Anderson for a few days, while the doctor treats Rosasharn. But the treatment does not help. She dies in Ma's arms, with her family all around her.

Chapter thirty three: After Rosasharn dies, the family see a poster that says there is work in Weed. So after paying the doctor for his efforts, they head farther north. They travel for a day through the mountains. Finally they pull into town, dirty and out of money. But luck is on their side. They immediatly...