The Grapes of Wrath: From "I" to "We"

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In the novel "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, the author conveys the theme of working together to achieve a common goal and the theme of an understanding of the role of technology in society by using specific character descriptions. The author also uses the setting as a character in itself that has an influence on the characters, their surroundings and their actions.

In earlier chapters the narrator describes "this is the beginning from I to we." This is a line Steinbeck uses to describe the magnitude of the event causing the main triggering problem in the novel. The main characters have to work together to find a better life. The Author emphasizes specific character traits of the main characters that are directly involved with obstacles. Their qualities show comparison and differences with others. Steinbeck uses character description to show how history progresses and how migrants can work together and also cause problems with each other.

Ma Joad for example is a character who has traits of sharing and generosity and Tom Joad has strength. They encounter obstacles that test these traits. In the end, the author shows how a helping hand can help to gain a common goal.

The Joad family is infamous in the book for their values. Ma Joad is a strong example of unity because she is one of the main foundations of the Joad family. Several times throughout the book, her significance is shown with her generosities and the sharing way she conducts herself. For instance in chapter 10 she says " I never heerd tell of no Joads or no Hazletts, neither, eve refusin' food and shelter or a lift on the road to anybody that asked." Later in the novel, she is confronted by a group of hungry children who watch...