The Grapes of Wrath- working together through social and economical hardships

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Throughout history, migrants have been faced with social and economic hardships, which has caused them to work together and become a cohesive society. The migrants were also faced with discrimination and had to maintain endurance and hope. The Joads from John Steinback's, Grapes of Wrath, work together as a family and help each other along the road to California.

Ma Joad works as the queen bee to keep the family together. She does all that she can to keep the family strong and tries not to let them worry about anything. An example of this is when Granma passes away. Ma keeps her death quiet so that the family can continue their trip without any uncertainties. She proves her motherly figure when she shows that she does what she can to make sure the family survives. She also shows endurance by keeping them well fed, even if it means spending every bit of money that she has for food.

The men of the family, such as Tom, Pa, Casy, and Uncle John stick together to keep going on their long journey to California. Tom and Casy also help each other throughout the novel. Casy helps Tom think things through. Casy's philosophical ways change Tom's way of thinking. His views on life change and he agrees that his people are all people. Casy also takes the blame when he knocks a man to the ground. Casy knows he must defend his friend, because he is on parole.

One of the most symbolic characters in the novel is Rose of Sharon. She symbolizes the giver of life. After giving birth to a stillborn baby and being left alone by her husband, she is very insecure. An example of how she helps out in the novel is when she gives a dying man...