The Grass Is Greener When It Rains

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Nobody saw it coming, the day when nature in all it's fury poured down a tempest that would render hundreds dead, thousands injured and an entire city crippled and paralyzed. Very recently, Mumbai was struck with one of the worst floods in the history, and in these trying times the city crumbled under its own insufficiency. I had the misfortune of getting caught in a flood affected region of the city.

I had just left college and boarded a bus home, with some friends. As the bus crawled along the roads the rain pelted down with full force and the water began to rise slowly around it. Not much later, the bus came to a complete halt and could not move any further. Fearing that we may not make it back at all if we stayed on the bus we promptly descended and decided to wade through the rising pool of water towards my friends aunt's house.

As we trudged past drunkards passed out on abandoned car windshields and frantic people trying to find shelter, the panic in the air was contagious and very soon we too were starting to worry about whether we would make it to our destination in one piece. Time passed ever slower, but eventually after much toiling through the inundated streets we reached the house where we would stake out the night.

As soon as we entered my friends aunt handed us some towels and her son gave us some clothes to wear. We spent the rest of the night getting to know each other better and sharing stories and memories of school life. All in all it was a truly memorable and enjoyable experience. Looking back at it now I actually feel a little bad that while there were so many people suffering out...