The Great Depression

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The great depresson during the 1930's made a huge impact on families. it also had a huge effect on the social fabric. the social fabric had many difficulties during this time period.

During the 1930's the soocial fabric was broken. htis meant shoretage of jobs, paycuts and broken families. There was a huge change in the social status, those who had well paying jobs now had to fight for them. The WPA which stands for work progress Administration was brought about for people in tight positions when it came to work! the point of this program was to employ people to work on useful projects. they built roads sewers parks and bridges. this left little work for women and children. Many women were fired from there jobs if there was a man in the family working as well. It was thought only fair if every man had a job to support his family.

Basically the whole family had to stay strong in order to live.

the great depression also prevented a lot of marriages to fail and most ended in divorce. Many men were afraid to ask a womans hand in Marriiage because they were getting rejected.there was not enough money to supprot a family and many did ot want to have children. Many men often left the home to go earn more money by working for the government.

After his win of becoming president Franklin D. roosevelt became a symbol of the family and was let in to the homes through the radio. He lifted the spirits of the nation by his voice. The NRA was set up to give workers fair wages .

In conclusion the great depression left a great deal of pain and suffering withmany lives and many people had to start all over.