The Great Depression: Causes and Events. This essay discusses the causes of the Great Depression and details this historical event. Works Cited page included.

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Just under seventy-three years ago, the United States of America was hit by the most devastating economic crisis to this day. The Great Depression is not only relevant to the people of that era, but also to us, the people of present day society who currently are experiencing a smaller scale depression of our own. Just as today, we may wonder what has sparked our mini economic depression; the people of the Great Depression shared that sentiment. October 29th, 1929 will in the hearts of many forever live in infamy as "Black Tuesday"; the day that the stock market crashed and the depression began. Although many people believe that was the start of the Great Depression and that the stock market crash was the main cause, there are several sources with theories contrasting that opinion. Within those sources there is yet further controversy as to when and more importantly why and how the Great Depression commenced.

Several sources will be critically torn apart, contrasted and compared in order to extrapolate the truth as to the main reasons as to why the Great Depression began.

By the late 1920's the stock market was booming and seen as the new gateway to quick, easy wealth. More and more people were jumping into the game of buying and selling stocks. Everything seemed to be going well as the country seemed to be prospering after World War I and seemed to be riding on a true economic high point. The only problem seemed to be the agriculture business, which, was in a bad position, but not many people seemed to notice because most other economic anchors were doing wonderful across the board. The automobile industry was doing well and radios were the hot seller in the entertainment market. Many blue-collar working families were banking...