The Great Escape

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Some chickens have nice loud voices, some can jump really high and some can lay really big eggs. I can jump really high. Hi, I'm Dunba, I've been a high jumper all my life and one day I'm going to jump over the fence and run away. My best friend is E, I don't know why his name is e, bit it's pretty funny.

One day when big mammas eggs hatched, everyone was really excited, except for when they heard a big truck roll up, a big red truck. We saw the humans go out and greet them. They came in and put all the baby chicks in a box and handed the humans a blue and a red note. Everyone was sad that night. But we tried to cheer them up by saying they only live next door so we can rescue them it didn't work they were still sad.

The next morning I woke up, everyone was crying, Big mamma said that they saw a for sale sign that meant they were moving away. Big papa said "we have to rescue them before they are gone forever."

We started planning. Because some of us were good runners some could well, you know. So we made the chickens who could sing loud make a huge noise as a diversion. Then all the fast chickens could go crazy and run everywhere, then all the little chickens who could throw good hopped on all the high jumpers backs and we could leap the fence and then they could throw the little chicks over (by now the little chicks could talk, as the chicks where hurled over, all we could here was "I believe I can fly"). Once they were over the fence the chicken laid eggs and chucked them into...