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The Society of 2999


During the year of 2999AD, social and technological methods were very different than what is known of today thanks to the simplicity and limits in some of society's categories, as well as the continuous changes made by the human race, physically and mentally. While our current society is almost perfect, free from pollution and war, the society of 2999 had many problems. The society didn't know how to foreshadow bad events; our society is capable of looking ahead and stopping bad events. Still, 2999 was a very exciting year for Earth thanks to the major developments in government, technology, culture, and, most importantly, the Earth itself.

Government *Will be explained later on.

The government of 2999 was originally a democracy in most parts of the world. When a great religious change occurred* it gradually developed into a worldwide majority theocracy that had control of every country on Earth. The government gave citizens more rights than before, such as being allowed to practice any type of religion that didn't cause harm. However, with the increase of rights came a decrease in freedom, such as being limited to practice religion privately, excluding Judaism*. The government still believed in a system of law, but most of the laws revolved around religion. As well, the government had given a lot more political power to the citizens of Earth. Many of the planet's countries had been allowed to keep the original names, yet the government had decided to merge some countries, such as Israel, Egypt, and Iraq, into one country, such as New Israel. The government had decided to make countries, such as Hawaii and Alaska, under Canadian control in order to even out the land shared by Americans and Canadians in North America. No changes in Canada's...