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Causes of the Mexican War

The Mexican War lasted from 1846-1848 in the area now known as Texas.

What began as several small disputes eventually led into an armed conflict between the considerably new nations of Mexico and the United States. The geographical and political disputes are the most likely causes of the war. These causes of this war became significant, when the outcome gave the United

States a platform to become one of the most powerful countries in the world.

The first sign of problems between the two countries began when the

United States bordered Mexico after the Louisiana Purchase. "With these areas now available, American settlers began to move into them, and from there, they began to enter illegally the sparsely inhabited Mexican territories of California "

Nardo pg 21. Mexico was unable to deal with these invaders at the time because they were still dealing with their revolution, but after the Mexican Republic was established Mexico realized that the United States expansion could be a threat.

Mexico had recently acquired its independence from Spain in the

1820's and America in the later half of the 1700's. These new nations had were unfamiliar with solving their disputes without war. "Although the new country had established democratic form of government, most of the former class differences among its citizens still remained. Like Mexico the United States had extremes of wealth and poverty " Nardo pg 12. Mexico believed in equality for all people even though they had differences in their social class. The United States also believed in equality for all people, even though slavery was practiced by

American citizens. The differences in which each country ran itself caused a small sense of tension.

To try and help situation between Mexico and the United States, a law student named...