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Athletic Trainers

Can you imagine helping an NFL superstar prepare for the Super Bowl, or even taping Micheal Jordan's ankles? If your jaw is hitting the floor right now an athletic trainer is the job for you. In this essay I will tell you everything you need to know to be an athletic trainer.

If you want to have opportunities for advancement as an athletic trainer you must have a good amount of experience as an athletic trainer. You must also have all the requirements of an athletic trainer. "Athletic trainers who work for university or professional sports teams earn the most." (OCIS). There are numerous universities and professional sports teams that need more than one athletic trainer. "Nationally, about 14,500 athletic trainers work in this very small occupation." (OCIS) Having 14,500 athletic trainers nationally makes the opportunity for advancement even more difficult.

Athletic trainers are responsible for many duties.

Athletic trainers evaluate an athlete's physical condition and readiness to play. They spend a majority of their time wrapping the athlete's ankles, fingers, writs, or other body parts with tape to support muscles and ligaments. One of the most important duties of an athletic trainer is to administer emergency first aid when an injury occurs. "When an athlete gets hurt, athletic trainers help determine how serious the injury is."(OCIS)

To meet the standard to be an athletic trainer you must have at least a bachelor's degree in athletic training, and complete and internship. "In athletic training programs you learn to identify, evaluate, and treat sports injuries." (OCIS). You are also required to pass exams to become certified, and you must have strong interpersonal skills. Athletic trainers are required to be knowledgeable in areas such as Biology, Therapy and Counseling, Medicine and Dentistry, and Customer and Personal Service.

Numerous schools have...