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Great Expectation Essay #1

The types of characters that are involved in a story create different types of conflicts and tensions as well as different types of resolution. In Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, there are many types of characters all of whom are unique in their own way. One of these very "unique" characters is Miss Havisham, who many consider to be crazy. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens uses language to show the readers that Miss Havisham is crazy and has no plans to change it. This can be seen when Miss Havisham tells him where she wants to be laid once she is dead, her eagerness to show Pip her room, and the exact details of the room.

The readers can first see Miss Havisham's craziness when she informs Pip where she wants to be laid once she is dead.

" 'This,' she, pointing to the long table with her stick, 'where I will be laid when I am dead. They shall come and look at me here." As seen from the prideful diction of the word "will", Dickens shows how Miss Havishma's crazy mind is already thinking about her death and exactly where she will be laid. Not only that, but Dickens also uses foreshadowing here to indicate the readers to what may come later on. In this context, Dickens uses foreshadowing to suggest how crazy Miss Havisham is, thinking about exactly where she would be laid after her death. By doing this, Dickens was able to add dramatic tension to the story by building anticipation about what might happen next and showing Miss Havisham's craziness. In total, the fact that she's already thinking about her death proves to the readers that she is crazy and...