Great Expectations

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Cast of Characters: Puns and symbolism in two character?s names: 1. Miss Havisham: SHAM means to trick or delude. Miss Havisham?s life was shaped by the hoax played upon her. Sham is also a part of the words shame and shambles.

2. Estella means star. Estella becomes the ?light? of Pip?s life. Pip says, ?? Her light came along the dark passage like a star.? Cast of Characters: 1. Pip: The narrator of the story (First Person Point of View). Orphaned since infancy, he lives with his sister (Mrs. Joe Gargery) and her husband (Joe Gargery). His life?s goal is to become a gentlemen.

2. Mrs. Joe Gargery: Pip?s sister who treats both Joe and Pip harshly.

3. Joe Gargery: Pip?s kind, hardworking brother-in-law. He is a blacksmith.

4. Uncle Pumblechook: Joe?s uncle who is a pompous corn and seed dealer.

5. Mr. Wopsle: A parish clerk who becomes an actor.

6. Miss Havisham: an eccentric, rich lady who is seeking revenge for past rejections of herself.

7. Estella Havisham: a haughty, cruel girl whom Miss Havisham has adopted.

8. Mr. Jaggers: A London lawyer for several characters in the novel: Miss Havisham, Abel Magwitch, Molly, and Pip.

9. Dolge Orlick: a journeyman for Joe and a lifelong enemy of Pip.

10. Biddy: a kind village girl who teaches Pip and who becomes the housekeeper for the Gargerys.

11. Herbert Pocket: The pale young gentleman who, in London, become Pip?s best friend and his teacher in the ways of a gentleman.

12. John Wemmick: Jaggers? chief clerk. He lives two lives: at home he is creative and sympathetic, but in the office he is impractical.

13. Molly: Jaggers? housekeeper who is an acquitted murderess.

14. Bentley Drummie: A rival for Estella?s hand in marriage...