Great Expectations

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Great Expectations-Summary Great Expectations is a great novel that will keep you reading on with many twists and turns . It is claimed to be one of Charles Dickens best novels, and it has caught the eyes of many people around the world. It tells about a boy growing up in England in the late 18th century and the troubles it can bring from day to day. This boy, Pip, is one day wandering around in the church's graveyard when suddenly a convict confronts him who wants food and tools. He is frightened, but complies with the convict. With time, it seems to slowly fade away in his mind, occasionally popping up. He lives in a small house with his Uncle Joe who is married to his oldest sister. They are poor, and Joe supports them being a blacksmith. Pip falls in love with Estella an orphaned child living with Miss Havisham, an old, rich widow.

Pip seems to pass many endless days at this house. He loves her and over time seems to be hurt more and more. As time passes, and Pip grows, things begin to change. Pip is confronted again by another man who tells him great news, and Pip's luck seems to change for the good, or does it. Great Expectations is a classic that has lived through the ages of time and should be enjoyed for years to come.