Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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Looks aren't everything

This book was really based on others misconceptions of how other people were inside. They would make these vast accusation solely based on that persons appearance or position. Dickens seemed to fell strongly against these misjudgments and proved so in his writing Great Expectations. The reason it was so successful was because even today the message still runs true: love not a person for their image but for who they are inside. (72 words)

Positions and occupations were really all that mattered in Dickens's world. A good example of this is Joe Gargery. He was a very kind and gentle person, but because of his low standing in society and his lack of education, he was very mistreated by others. This was very wrong of them because even though he may not have sounded like the smartest person, he was a good man with a kind heart.

Even Mrs. Joe treated him unfairly. This also proves my point, because even his own wife was striving to be looked at better by others around her. Joe on the other hand, was oblivious to why Pip would want anything better then the life he already had. This affected Pip greatly and even caused him to be ashamed of Joe. Not only does this prove how corrupt this system really was, but also says something about Pip. If he was willing to give up Joe, who had always treated him as a son, was there anything that Pip wouldn't sacrifice for his image? (176 words)

One way the characters were intricately woven together was how they all had the tendency to judge the people around them. One obvious example of this was Pip. Pip was often caught judging others in the story. This habit caused him to badly mistreat...