Great Expectations, by: Charles Dickens, Chapters 45-59 plot line

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Great Expectations, By : Charles Dickens Chapters 45-59Climax: Pip goes to the marshes to meet the person, who learns it was Orlick.

Orlick tries to kill Pip and tells him that it was him on the stairwell and the missingconnection to Magwitch, but before Orlick could kill Pip Herbert shows up with agroup of men who save Pip, but before he could be captures, Orlick escapes. Pip andHerbert go back to help Magwitch escape with Startop and together they succeed in gettingto the German steamer, but once reaching there, the police come with Compeysonand they arrest Magwitch.

Rising Action: While attending a dinner that he was invited to by Jaggers, Falling Action: Jaggers is certain that Magwitch is going to be sentenced toPip receives a note from Miss Havisham telling him to meet her tomorrow. Death and the trial is delayed for 3 days, but once going for the trial, MagwitchWhen Molly walks in, Jaggers tells Pip that Drummle and Estella are going is sentenced to death with 32 others.

Before this, Wemmick and Skiffins andto marry. Pip realizes that Molly is Estella’s mother when he looks at her Pip is offered a job by Herbert who is going to leave for Cairo. Pip visitsand when Wemmick tells Pip on a walk back home, of Molly’s convictionMagwitch and one day, he knows he is going to die. Pip lies down with himbut was cleared of everything thanks to Wemmick and Jaggers and has that Estella is his lost daughter and that she is beautiful and that Pip lovesworked for them ever since. On his visit to Miss Havisham, Pip receives a her. Magwitch dies and Pip prays fro his benefactor. After his death, Pip issorry from Miss Havisham who says that she is the cause of his broken about to be arrested for the debt of 123 pounds, but he faints due to aheart. After wards, her dress catches on fire, but before she could die, fever and is excused until he is well. Pip wakes up to see Joe by his side,Pip saves her, burning himself. Once returning to London, Pip and Herbert who tells him news back home. Miss Havisham has died, giving hertalk and the both learn that Estella’s mother is Molly and her father is money to the Pockets. Uncle Pumblechook is robbed by Orlick who is putMagwitch and Pip checks this with Jaggers and Wemmick who both in jail. Biddy has helped Joe how to read and write. When Pip feels betterconfirm it to be true. Herbert is to be transferred to the Middle East and he finds Joe to be gone and goes back to his childhood home to marryPip receives a note telling him to meet the person on the Marshes. Biddy and thank Joe for paying his debt off.

Exposition: After receiving the note from Wemmick, not to go home, Resolution: When Pip goes home, he sees that Satis House is beingPip sleeps at Hummums, where afterwards he learns from Wemmick pulled apart for an auction. Pumblechook tries to kiss up to Pip, butthat Compeyson is after Magwitch, although not directly, and thatPip goes to find Joe and Biddy, but he finds out that it was theirhe is staying with Clara’s home. While going to visit Magwitch at Wedding Day. Pip returns home and accepts Herbert’s job offer. AfterClara’s house, Pip learns that Magwitch is to be called Mr. Campbell 11 years, Pip visits Joe and Biddy and they have 2 children, sees thatand that Clara’s father is a drunk, called Bill Barley. Herbert and Pip Satis House has been torn down and meets Estella while there.

discuss how they will sneak Magwitch away on the river and how Estella tells him that Drummle treated her poorly and was killed byWemmick will signal them with the blinds from the window. In his horse and they hold hands and leave the garden. Pip meetsorder to do this, Pip has to buy a rowboat, in order to take away Estella on the road while walking and Pip learns that she married asuspicion. Pip continues to wait, while going on his rowboat Shropshire doctor.

everyday. In order to kill time, Pip goes to the theater where helearns from Wopsle who was performing, that there was a man,Compeyson, from the night the convicts were fighting, wassitting behind Pip.