Great expectations by charles dickson and how the fear and criticism inflicted upon Pip coerce his morals and judgement

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In the novel Great Expectations, the protagonist Pip's abusive childhood causes his values to change for the worse. Before Pip's values were affected by this abuse, he strongly believed in intimate relationships. However, his values drastically changed to being primarily concerned with people's impression of him. His values are threatened so easily because the abuse he has endured has made him "sensitive and morally timid". Therefore, it is because of the people around Pip that inflict fear and criticism upon his feeble and sensitive heart that his values and moral judgment is impaired.

First of all, Pip's sister, who "brought him up by hand", strikes fear into Pip, causing his judgment to be impaired. Throughout the novel, Mrs. Joe goes on violent "ram-pages" and beats Pip. This fear has had a detrimental effect on Pip; he even mentions that it has made him too sensitive.

This causes his values to be easily threatened. For example, a convict was able to corrupt Pip's values in intimate relationships by using fear as a weapon. Because Pip was in fear, he betrayed his relationship with Joe, by stealing from him. This shows that fear can even destroy a strong relationship such as one Joe and Pip once had. This also shows that fear can make Pip do anything, even commit a crime. Another example of fear impairing Pip's judgment, is the fight scene. A young boy picks a fight with Pip and striking fear into to Pip feeble and sensitive heart. Because Pip was in fear, he took part in this fight even though he knew it was wrong. This shows that Pip will even resort to violence if he is in fear. Pip's judgment and values are corrupted because his abusive sister has...