The Great Gatsby

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The book, The Great Gatsby, took place in the 1920's. This book is about getting hammered, going to parties, and having affairs. "Your wife doesn't love you."(137) Also in the twenties alcohol was illegal, so it made everyone who drank it a criminal. People got fast money by bootlegging beer. Jay Gatsby was one of them. Jay reunites with his one and only love Daisy. He is quick to find out that she is in love with him again, but is married and has a child.

Daisy is very confusing to all men that know her. When Jay and Daisy first met, Jay wasn't able to measure up to Daisy's expectations and because of that she never waited for him to get back form the war. Jay filled her head with lies and when he couldn't for fill her dreams it was all over. Now the table has turned and Jay is waiting on her to meet his expectations.

Jay's expectations are for her to love him as much as he loves her and that means for her to say she doesnt love Tom anymore. When Jay confronts Tom of his affair with Daisy, Jay repeatedly asks Daisy so say she doesn't love Tom anymore. "She never loved you, you hear."(137) She never says anything. Daisy gets frustrated and runs out of the room. Daisy is constantly running from things that are complex situations. She runs away from every problem and this controls her emotions. It seems if she cannot buy anything to suit the problem, she's in a dilemma. Most rich people are like that. Jay is a man that wants a full commitment or he'll keep trying to convince the person his way is the way to go. When Daisy doesn't fully commit herself to Jay, he trys to persuade her by bringing things up from the past. On the other hand, Tom is bringing up memories of the present and that's when I think she realizes she has been living in the past. Tom wins her over with memories from the present.

Daisy is the reasons for these men's problems. She can't make decisions and has no patience. "I suppose the latest thing to do is sit back and let no one from no where make love to your wife."(137) Those are two key elements you need to make a relationship a great one. Jay wanted the old Daisy the one he knew when he was rich and was filling her head with none sense. Therefore, because people change over years there relationship couldn't work. Tom knew when Daisy was changing because he was there to witness it. Jay missed out on his opportunity for Daisy to love him as much as she used to.

In conclusion, Daisy could never measure up to Jay's expectations because he always wanted more. He kept highering his expectations of Daisy. When they first met his expectations where met, but as they kept on going he wanted more. For example, Jay wanted daisy back in his life and to love him. That happened at the tea party. Then he wanted her to break it off with Tom. Daisy never did so Jay got agitated and on wanted her to love him as much as he loves her. "Oh, you want to much!" (137)