The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream of life, love, wealth and happiness is wanted by all, but only few will find it. The Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about the American Dream, and those who try to find it, roaring 20's style. Jay Gatsby wanted to be part of the rich. He wanted to live the American Dream. This dream is different for the many people in this book. Nick Carraway, a young mid westerner who moves to New York to learn the bond business, who narrates the story. Jay Gatsby, who was brought up by Dan Cody, a second father to Gatsby, after leaving his father moved to the West Egg to re-start his life.

Jay Gatsby wanted to live his life through the past, before World War I, when life was good. Before Gatsby had gone to World War I the love of his life was Daisy.

Gatsby went off to war leaving the love of his life behind him. When Jay got back he attended Oxford University, still leaving Daisy behind, but Daisy couldn't wait much longer. She had found another love, Tom Buchanan, to whom she marries.

Gatsby devotes his life to trying to regain his past and be a part of the social elite. Gatsby also wanted his love back, Daisy. Finding out that Daisy is now married, Gatsby moves to West Egg to a house that is across the river to Daisy's house, across from the green light. In attempt to reunite with Daisy, Gatsby throws huge parties, to which he does not attend and where he knew few people, in hopes that Daisy will show up to one of them. When Gatsby realizes that Daisy doesn't happen to show up, he asks around casually if anyone knows her, but has...