The Great Gatsby

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The Story In the beginning Nick Carraway has just arrived on Long Island after his studies. This is where he met Jay Gatsby, his neighbor. Tom and Daisy Buchanan are Nick's old friends who live on the other side of East egg. As he went there for dinner, he met Jordan Baker, a golf player.

Nick is wandering why his neighbor, Mr. Gatsby, is having parties almost every week with lots of people. One day, he received an invitation to one of Gatsby's party. He decided to go in order to find out who is his strange neighbor. He finally met the strange host and learned that he went to war with him. This is how their friendship started.

Nick find out that Gatsby is in love with Daisy, this is why, a few days later, Nick has invited Daisy to a tea party and he wants Gatsby to be there since he loves her.

In the beginning, Gatsby is shy but he slowly begins to start talking to Daisy. He always dreamed that she comes to one of his party but she never did. After the tea they went to Gatsby's house.

The next day a reporter told Nick the stories Gatsby's guest have been saying. His real name was James Gatz, his parents were poor and he stayed for over a year with a man named Dan Cody who employed him.

After a visit at Gatsby's house, Tom is hop set about the identity and intention of Mr. Gatsby. This is when Tom started to hate Gatsby. A few days after, Nick, Gatsby and Jordan were invited at the Buchanan place for lunch on the hottest day of the summer. While they were eating, they wandered about what they could do in the afternoon. Later on during...