Great Gatsby

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1. The story is one of power and wealth and those who use it for their own ends. Identify 3 characters that do this and explain actions and how they are self-serving.

Many characters are powerful within the novel. The three characters that stand out the most as self-serving are Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby. Tom Buchanan was a high-class man with a nice car and luxurious things, but was self-serving in the sense that he had a second girlfriend, Myrtle Wilson. Tom bought Myrtle whatever she wanted, including a puppy, and still came home to Daisy and tried to control her and not let her see Jay Gatsby. Tom even broke Myrtle's nose and Myrtle still committed adultery with Tom. Daisy Buchanan wasn't an angel herself though. She found Jay Gatsby and wanted her old fling back in her life, so she herself committed adultery with Jay Gatsby. When Jay died Daisy moved away and pretended as if nothing happened as to be self-serving and stay with her rich husband, Tom. Daisy also hit Myrtle and ran away from the scene of the crime, not thinking whether or not Myrtle was all right. Jay Gatsby was the most powerful and wealthy man within the novel. Jay had many people that adored his richness and was fond of his parties. Jay threw large, extravagant parties to impress the other people in town. Jay was self-serving in the sense that he got his house across the lake from Daisy's and he took her away from her everyday life for his own wants and desires.

2. ID all people who are guilty in some form of the death of Myrtle.

The people that actually killed Myrtle were Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. They hit her with...