The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby was written during the 1920's otherwise known as the jazz era. F Scott Fitzgerald made many of his character in the Great Gatsby to have a certain illusion about them. When you are first introduced to some of the characters they seem very different towards the end of the novel.

Jay Gatsby he is a rich successful businessman who gives lavish parties every weekend. He is a very generous man and gives his a lot of his money and his house to strangers. The truth of Jay Gatsby is that he was born in a poor family where he joins the army and lies to Daisy about his financial situation. Soon after the war he becomes a bootlegger and buys a huge mansion where he has huge parties every weekend hoping Daisy would stumble in one day.

Tom Buchanan a rich man strong witch high morals this is the illusion you think when you are first introduced to him in the story but very shortly the illusion of his high moral are changed into a infidel with low morals.

He acts as if he has high morals when he suspects Daisy and Gatsby of cheating its a very ironic part of this novel.

Jordan Baker gives of the impression that she is a rich "New Women" who is a pro golfer, she like to play fair and by the rules but also later in the novel we find out she is a compulsive liar and a swindler. And that she cheated on her first golf tournament to win.

By making these characters to have illusions they keep the story exciting and keeps you on your toes. Finding out that Gatsby was a poor man was a big surprise to me. I really thought he was born rich even thought there was a few suspicions on the way like the man in the library and the ivy on the outside of his house.