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How can Appearance Affect People Can a person's personality be judged by the way he or she looks? There are some people in the world that try to impress others by either appearance or by buying gifts for them. In the novel Great Gatsby, there are three characters that used their appearances to show how they felt about other people while not showing the actual way they felt about each other. Such characters in the novel that use appearances are: Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby.

Daisy Buchanan can be considered to be a confused character. There were times in the novel when she loved both Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. She only associated with people who were wealthy. When Daisy was younger, she had two choices of who to marry. Obviously, Daisy chose to be with Tom Buchanan because he was a richer person. As time went by, Gatsby becomes really rich.

Then Daisy falls in love with Gatsby's money. Man people think that this was the reason that she fell in love with Jay. Her appearance was two-faced; she would go wherever she thinks she would be happy with a rich person. Many people can even call her a person after money, or in other words, a prostitute.

Tom Buchanan is one abusive guy when he does not like a person doing what he does the thing that a typical male would do, beat on his wife when he thinks that his wife did something wrong. He beat her many times. Many people have said that Daisy should have been with Gatsby from the beginning no matter how much money Tom had because Jay was a better person. Tom was just a jealous person. He didn't like Jay Gatsby one bit. So a person can conclude that Tom was the person who got Gatsby killed. He called Jay "new money" just so he can feel better of why Daisy was falling all over him.

Now Jay Gatsby is the main character of the novel. He is a person who didn't sit down until he go what he wanted. He loved Daisy with all his life. He loved her so much. He knew that Daisy had feelings for him before he went to go fight. Jay didn't marry Daisy because she didn't she didn't want to because he was poor at the time. Gatsby knew that Daisy was a money-hungry person, and he was blinded by her love. He spoiled her with all sorts of jewelry. This can be considered to be an appearance of impressing. He tried to buy her off by expensive jewelry. He never tried to impress her with his own personality. He was always scared that he would be rejected by Daisy. As time went by, he became closer and closer to Daisy. Jay was aware that Tom didn't like it, and he knew that he might have to pay for the consequences.

A person should never try to be someone that they are not. While trying to impress each other by appearance in the Great Gatsby, the novel was concluded with the death of Jay Gatsby. All he ever did was to love Daisy. Trying to impress Daisy Buchanan made people as in Tom Buchanan jealous. Is it worth it for a person to love someone that is already married? A person can ask "Jay Gatsby" when he/she goes to heaven. Hopefully, Daisy will be with Jay when they both meet in heaven.