The Great Gatsby

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Narrative writing: #3 Character: Jay Gatsby Scene: Daisy and Gatsby are at Gastby's house looking at shirts As I stand here and watch the tears fall from my Daisy's eyes I can't help but ask myself if her reasons for letting herself go before are me are petty, or a brilliant show of her affection for me? I have waited so long for this moment to show Daisy that I can impress her, and I feel as if I have successfully proved that if she had only stayed with me a little longer, and she had responded to my letter than this is what she could have had.

What I have could have been hers, and she would have love and riches all at once. I watch her head slowly turn towards mine as if to say something; but she doesn't speak a word.

At this moment our communication is based only on each other's eyes and body language.

Just her presence before me and the smell of her perfume reminds me of the fragrance that a rose gives off on the midnight hour of a warm summer nights evening in my garden. I prepare myself to speak. I lick my lips, and taste brandy from a few hours back. After the first minute of her gazing at my wardrobe I still do not dare to speak even though I wanted too; I just watch. Then, with out warning Daisy stops her crying just as quickly as she had started. At this moment don't understand entirely why she began to weep from the beginning.

But I do know one thing; and that is that I love Daisy Fay more than any man can possibly love a women. But to tell her this would be detrimental to her and her husbands marriage. So I have concluded that instead of me stealing Daisy away from Tom, I'll have to steal her heart away first, and pray that the rest of her follows.