The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Creative Letter Response Dear Daisy, I am sorry for the way our relationship has suffered over the past couple of months. It has just been getting worse, but now I'll make sure it gets better for you babe.

I was seeing Myrtle Wilson on the side because she was what I thought was needed in my life at this particular moment. She was unlike you, and I kind of liked that, but I got sick of it. She was always so polite and kind, and I grew to like that. She was sort of a mother figure, in a weird sort of way.

All I want is you now, Daisy. I want to rekindle the fire that once blazed in our love. I miss being with you! I might be tough on you sometimes, but that's just the way I am. I am always forward, and straight to the point.

It might seem somewhat harsh at times, but this is my love flourishing for you. I'm going to try and make the affair with Myrtle a thing of the past so that we can get on with our great married wife. I will try my best to please you, and treat you with the respect that you need. I'm planning a nice, long vacation for us to go on, so we can sort everything out between us. Anything I said or did that might have hurt you, think of it as Myrtle saying it. When I was with her, she had total control over me, and made me say things that I didn't necessarily mean.

I would like an apology from you as well. I want to know that you are willing to put forth this amount of effort to make this marriage work. You also played...