The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby was originally called "Under The Red, White, and Blue," because it symbolizes the flag of America and the American people's dreams. You can see this symbolism through the whole book. There is a difference in classes of people. Having too much money or not enough money seems to bring the characters to an immoral way of life. This immoral way of living seems to destroy many of the characters.

The characters in the book are Gatsby, a handsome, wealthy man who seems to be very lonely and lovestruck over Daisy. Daisy is now married but never got over her love for Gatsby. Nick Carraway wanted to be improved like Gatsby but seemed to be very sain. Tom Buchanan is married to Daisy but has a love affair with Myrtle. Myrtle is an unhappy wife of a mechanic who is very poor.

The story takes place in the 20's when people had the American Dream to live in a nice house, have nice cars, and wear nice clothes.

Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom were very rich. They were known to throw big parties. Myrtle and her husband were very poor. They lived in the very poor section of town. Myrtle seems to only be in love with Tom because of his great lifestyle which she dreams of having. You can see this when Myrtle says, "Tom's the first sweetie I ever had." She was treated like his sweetie. He bought her fancy clothes, etc. Her husband could not afford to. Tom refers to Myrtle as being cheap. She is not from the upper class and he feeds on her desire to have what he has. It is when Myrtle dies that you can finally see Tom's affection for her and the reality hits him hard.