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Conflicts and affairs often reflect the unhappiness and reveal the other sides of person's character, which sometimes lead to depression and the complete change of ones life. F. Scott Fitzgerald in his book The Great Gatsby describes conflicts between many dynamic and round characters which are well chosen and play a big part of the story's theme. One fo the most important characters is Daisy Buchannon who's multiple personality and her dynamic and round character greatly adds and corresponds to the plot.

Early on in the book, she is pictures as an innocent and sweet person with her whitle and floating dress. The author describes her as she grows as "the most popular of all the young girls in Louisville" dressing in white.

To express her life as normal and typical, she uses her daughter to show off to the company coming over. After everyone is gone, Daisy becomes a bored housewife with no interest to that world wondering what to do with the rest of her life.

She appers to be bored yet innocent and harmless to society and environment. Unfortunately, her innocence proves false, as she becomes a materialistic young woman with a little mind of her own, rediscovering her love with Gatsby while still married to Tom. All of these round and dynamic characteristics add different complications to the plot, and dimension to the meaning Daisy adds to the book.

The previously mentioned characteristics help to understand and create some of the main conflicts. For example the conflict between Daisy and Tom having a mistress. Another example is Daisy's love affair with Gatsby quickly allowing him to fall in love with her because of Daisy's clear sweetness and innocence towards his character. However, her innocence and ignorance of the meaning of true love, causes her to flawlessly...