The great gatsby

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Oxford, England.

June the 14th, 1919.

The Many Shades of Love

My Dearest Daisy:

You must forgive, my dear, for I am afraid I'm not good with opening statements. For a fact, we have been separated for many years now but that doesn't change how I still feel about you. Words simply cannot express the eternal love I feel for you and no matter what happen, I'll always try to protect you with my love and respect, even if we're not together. Daisy I truly believe in our love, our sincere and delighted love, the one that help get through the day without nagging.

It was such a long time ago that we were together, but every minute we have been apart I have felt like an incomplete man. As you have seen I have gained great wealth but since I do not have you, I have gained nothing.

I realize what I have and what kind of possessions I can offer are nothing new to you because of the relationship you have with Tom, but I do promise that I can change your life in ways you would never dream. There is more to life than social status and material things; what I feel for you can never be taken away from me. I will cherish you above any other person in my life and I will put your needs and concerns above my own. You will be the only woman in my life, for the rest of my life. This I swear to you.

My love, I owe you several explanations about my awful behavior, but you'll see me soon and perhaps we could embrace times to have some time together, as we did back then in Louisville. Since then, I've been...