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Discuss the film techniques Baz Luhrmann has used to convey the main themes in the film version of The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby film is based on the original novel, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and published in 1925. The modern outlook of the novel allows the film to expand on details like extravagant sets, gowns and cars which illustrates themes that are prominent in today's version of the 'American dream'. The American dream is the luxurious, envious fantasy of many Americans in the 1920s, when young society abided against prohibition and law to have a prosperous life. The story is set in the fresh summer of 1922 when Nick Carraway is settling in from Long Island to West Egg. Without realizing at the time, Nick was about to become the neighbor of the most fascinating man he would ever meet, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is presented as a renowned Oxford man who is mostly known for hosting huge lavish parties every weekend.

His past is a topic of conversation, even in the prestigious West Egg as his circumstantial past is intertwined with Daisy Buchanan, a sophisticated, married woman who is coincidently related to Nick Carraway. This 2013 film portrays contemporary elements into its story to create a more lively and engaging experience for the audience. Baz Luhrmann captures the essence of the Gatsby's unconditional love towards Daisy and his endless hope that the past can be repeated

The tireless love of Gatsby towards Daisy is shown to be biased in one's perspective. Gatsby's undying love for Daisy seems cruel as in the end the only one left to care for him is Nick. One can see the modest side of Gatsby's love through the quick transitions used in the film which zooms in on his fierce eyes. There...