"The great gatsby": characters.

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Nick Caraway

Nick is the book's narrator.

The novel is seen through his eyes. Nick is originally from Minnesota and comes from a big family that seems to be very close, he got his education at Yale and shortly thereafter he fought in WWI.

He moves to New York to try to make money selling bonds; however he doesn't seem to be doing so well.

He decides to move to Long Island with a friend a rent a house because he does not like life in a small apartment.

They find a nice bungalow on what is called the west egg of long island. In west egg lives the people who have just recently made their fortune or "new money" as they are referred to as in the novel.

Their recent good fortune does not enable them to enter into fashionable society.

He often goes to visit his cousin Daisy, who lives on the "east egg" of Long Island with her rich husband.

It is here that he meets Jordan, a famous golf player who he later takes some interest in.

Nick quickly befriends his neighbor, the mysterious Jay Gatsby, who invites him to one of his famous parties.

Throughout the novel, Nick is one with whom the characters can confide, sharing their troubled secrets.

The story is told as Nick sees it and his thoughts and intuition shape and fashion the tale.

Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby is the title character; in the beginning of the book he surrounds himself with an air of mystique.

He is an extremely wealthy young man that lives in the great big Gothic mansion next to Nick.

He is renowned for his lavish Saturday night parties, but those who attend these functions do not know Gatsby's history or how he acquired his fortune.