The great gatsby: comparison

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The characters of Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan have led dishonest, passionate lives which has ultimately brought upon their destruction. The Great Gatsby is filled with many conniving and sinful acts amongst the characters, they are portrayed mostly through the eyes of Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan.

Throughout the novel Jay Gatsby has indulged in illegal activity and has had multiple affairs with Daisy, he has not contributed positively to society nor has he benefited anybody but himself. All Jay Gatsby has ever cared about in life has been being accepted in the higher-class society as well as being close to Daisy. Jay Gatsby has been separated from Daisy for five long years before meeting her again. When Gatsby finally meets Daisy again nothing else seems to matter to him, all of his attention has been focused on impressing her and regaining her love. Gatsby has built his entire empire around Daisy with hopes of impressing her.

Gatsby and Daisy have had a number of affairs throughout the novel. They tell each other of how strong their love is towards each other until the very end when Daisy is forced to choose between the two men in her life, she eventually breaks Gatsbys heart and runs back to Tom. When Daisy goes back to Tom Gatsbys heart is broken, yet, Gatsby still believes that he has a legitimate chance in regaining her love. This is one of the reasons that Gatsby has taken the blame for Daisy's hit and run accident. It is because of Gatsby's strong love for Daisy that he didn't try and stop her after she hit Myrtle, if Gatsby had made her stop she would have been the one to die. It is because of the fact that they were in Gatsbys car that Wilson thought...