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The Great Gatsby was a book written in the 1920's by a well-known author named Frances Scott Fitzgerald. He was well know for his previous books such as Tender is the Night and Beautiful and Damned, but The Great Gatsby was considered his greatest work. Seeing as I have read neither of the other books, I cannot, really say for sure. But I can give you my honest opinion on The Great Gatsby.

The books starts out in the present with Nick Carraway, the book's narrator, telling you a little bit about the events that happened to him before the events in this book, then he flashes back to the fateful summer when he decided to move to New York to become a bondsman. Nick rents a little cottage in what the book calls the "West Egg". The West Egg is one of two parts of an area in the Long Island sound.

The West Egg is inhabited by all the nouveau riche of the city, people who just recently acquired their wealth. The people who have inherited their wealth from the ancestors inhabit the other part, the East Egg. Nick's cottage lies right next a massive mansion where a mysterious man named Gatsby, who throws massive parties every week, lives. When Nick arrives in New York, he meets up with his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, whom Nick went to school with. There Nick learns that Tom is having an affair with another woman. Nick apparently is the last one to know about this, because it is not a surprise, even to Daisy, when Tom's gets calls from his mistress. Tom later takes Nick to meet Tom's mistress, Myrtle, in Tom's downtown New York City flat. There one of the book's many drunken party scenes takes...