The Great Gatsby, by F. Scot Fitzgerlald.

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The Title of this story is The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald published this

book in 1925. The setting takes place in Long Island, New York City.

The greed and pursuit of pleasure turns out to be fatal. When a

Particular material item is needed, the greed of wanting it so much can

change a person's way of living. It can even get to the point of where their

character has changed along with it. In today's society, money is basically

what everyone wants and bases their whole life around. It can make a person

turn into something that they aren't. Other things in life, such as love and

romance, will act in the same manner. It can make someone do something that

they would regret because it is something that everyone wants and is something

that people feel they need.

In The Great Gatsby, a military man in World War I named Jay Gatsby was left

poor with the only clothes he had on his back.

He met a man named Meyer

Wolfshiem who started Gatsby out in the business world, where he became very

wealthy making most of his earnings as a bootlegger. He did his illegal work in

order to impress the woman he began to fall in love with named Daisy.

While Gatsby was in the war, Daisy married a man named Tom Buchanan. Now, with

his abundance of money, the greed began to change him into somebody totally

different. Gatsby and Daisy snuck around Tom's back because of romance and


Now with his new wealthy life, Jay Gatsby lived the life of a king. He was

greeted by servants and butlers, he had his own mansion in which he lived, and

he threw some of the biggest, well known parties. Other wealthy people...