"The Great Gatsby", By F. Scott Fitgerald.

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Gatsby, Confused In His Own Mind

Gatsby, a misunderstood man, was brought to a cruel fate by a hopeless cause. He believed that love was the final key to his past, present, and future. Nick as well as many others felt that he was amazing in every way due to the enigma of his life. Unfortunately the façade of his life carried him only to a certain extent. Gatsby knew that Daisy would be the last piece of his jigsaw puzzle of life. He gave up everything that he had created to earn a second chance in her eyes. His obsession with fulfilling both of their lives was the result of a hopeless memory of his past with Daisy, and should have become one of Gatsby's as well.

Jay Gatsby tried to hide his longing for Daisy, but was still very blatant. He figured that she was everything that he could ever want and ever need.

For example, when Nick asked him to move away after Myrtle's death, his response was "Go away now, old sport?"(155) This shows that he would be willing to risk everything for nothing in return. Gatsby tried to twist his reality into an awkward viewpoint that could be seen through, although clarification was to be explained in his mind only. He knew that the memories he shared with Daisy would always be in his thoughts, but never repeated. The reply of his theory of "not able to repeat the past," was a simple, yet overseen exclamation of "Why of course you can!"(116) He was over-eccentric of the thought of him and Daisy being together again, but remained apathetic toward the misled past which brought him to where he was. Gatsby only thought of his mischievous acts of felonies as a way to build him up...