"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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This story is just like the life of the great F. Scott Fitzgerald. He writes very unique. He uses real people that he knows and their stories in their life. In this story it is based on him and his life.

It starts out with this man that lives next to Gatsby. Gatsby was a very frequent party thrower, even though he didn't often attend the parties. This is almost opposite of Fitzgerald. He was a party animal and always was at parties. But if he wasn't invited to a party he and his future wife would go and crash the parties.

When it comes to his personal life Gatsby and Fitzgerald were very similar. Gatsby fell in love with a woman and then was not seen for a long time. He then came back to where he had lived and threw constant parties in hopes that his love would eventually come to one of them.

Fitzgerald fell in love while he was young and the women didn't want to marry him because he was too poor. So he went and started writing and became very famous and rich. He then went back to his home town and soon married the women that he had fallen in love with.

Another similarity between these two is how shy they eventually were when they finally became rich. Like I stated before Gatsby would constantly throw parties that were incredible. Everyone wanted to go to them but they were all invite only. The suspicious part is that he was famous but he would never show at them. Fitzgerald was also the same way. After his partying ways and becoming famous from the works that he had done he just shut him self out from the world. He would make some appearances but...