"The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott Fitzgerald - Daisy is an empty, shallow, Fairy-tale princess who never grows up. We were told to make sure that correct essay structure was met.

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"An Empty, shallow Fairy-tale princess who never grows up"

One of the main focuses in the novel, "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is the character of Daisy as she is the goal for which Gatsby strives. Although she is an intricate part of the plot and adds to the many themes of the novel, her character is portrayed as selfish and immature. This essay will prove that Daisy is an empty, shallow, fairy-tale princess who never grows up by discussing: firstly, her rediscovered love for Gatsby; secondly, the relationship between herself and Tom Buchanan; thirdly, her carelessness and lack of thought for anyone but herself.

After many years Daisy and Gatsby reunite and Daisy rediscovers her love for him. However this newly found love is only evident after Daisy discovers Gatsby's wealth with his nice shirts and large house. This shows how superficial Daisy is as she only focuses on the outward rather than the inward.

Furthermore we can see Daisy's immaturity as she rekindles her past love with Gatsby even though she has no intention of ever leaving Tom. This is evident in the hotel scene, in which Daisy says that Gatsby demands to much of her when he attempts to get her to leave Tom for him. It is in this respect that we see that Daisy never thinks of the consequences of her actions and instead chooses to remain ignorant. Thus causing her character to be empty, shallow and childish.

Tom and Daisy have a very shallow and immature relationship. Neither one of them is happy in the relationship but instead maintain the image for others and their child. This can be exemplified by Tom's flaunting of his affair when he knows Daisy will do nothing to reprimand him. Furthermore the main...