THe Great gatsby. by f scott fitzgerald. the grat gatsbys change in the name of love. how gatsby changes everything for daisy.

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Jessica McDaniel

Gatsby's Change in the Name of Love

In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the main character, Gatsby, changes in the story, at the beginning there is not much known about him besides the fact that he throws parties all the time, but as the reader progress through the novel Gatsby opens up and he becomes timid and unsure of himself. At the beginning he seems to be a very social person and very mysterious. However the real Gatsby comes out when he meets Daisy, the love of his life, again. He becomes very nervous and insecure of himself. He changes himself around and tries to act very proper and decent for Daisy, because she is very superficial and desires money.

When Gatsby is first introduced in the novel there is not much known about him, and that makes him all the more mysterious.

No one really knew who Gatsby was, so everyone believed all the rumors that were circulating about him. One of the many rumors was that "he killed a man." (Fitzgerald p. 48) It was also believed that Gatsby "was an Oxford man" and that "he was in the American Army during World War II" (Fitzgerald p. 54). Gatsby allows these rumors to travel around because then people will talk about him and know who he is. Gatsby uses the phrase "old sport" (Fitzgerald p.52) continuously throughout the novel, it becomes his catch phrase. He uses this phrase because he hopes that people will see him as a wealthy, sophisticated, refined person. "Old sport" is like an euphemism from the aristocratic culture. Gatsby thinks that the people that use this phrase are from rich backgrounds. He hopes that by using this phrase that Daisy will be impressed with him.

When Gatsby...