Great Gatsby, Seen in two ways.

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“The Great Gatsby”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, written in 1925 is considered to be his best and one of the most exquisite pieces of literature ever written. In the novel, Fitzgerald can relate to all reader emotions. The book can be seen in two separate ways, glamorous, romantic and exciting or on the other hand; crude, corrupt and even disgusting. Fitzgerald shows this throughout the novel in almost all of his characters actions. The setting in his novel continues this theme along with the events that occur. The good and evil in his novel create a lot of depth and this is what makes it a very creative piece of work.

The character who creates the most contradiction is Gatsby. As the novel continues Nick creates an unclear image, from his actions towards Daisy helping her but also planning against her. The conflict comes when Gatsby tries to recreate the past, when Daisy and himself were together, by forcing her to forget about Tom.

Gatsby’s actions could be considered immoral or romantic. This is shown by Gatsby attempting to live his past because it is something he cannot seem to put behind him.

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!”(Page. 106, F. Scott Fitzgerald)Without being able to forget the past, Gatsby commits his life to a romantic dream, of being with his one and only true love, Daisy. Daisy also is a character that is hard to make judgment on because of the dishonesty towards her past with Gatsby. It is difficult to tell whether Daisy is confused about her feelings with all the surrounding conflicts, or if she is being dishonest and taking advantage of the situation.

“I did love him once, but I loved you too” (Page126. F. Scott...