"The Great Gatsby"--theme statement--The peoples' ideology and idealistic values changed in the roaring twenties.

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1920s was a queasy age, no matter the people’s thoughts, the technology or the economics, all of these things have got a big development in the North American. (wikipedia,2007). The author of the Great Gatsby represented the above-mentioned facts in his novel.(wikipedia,2007)Gatsby is the main character in the novel, The Great Gatsby. He holds the magnificent and luxurious party at the every weekend. But, like most members of the rich in 1920s in the States, nobody knows who he actually is and his history (wikipedia,2007).

Survey the whole life of the author, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. It can be seen easily, he has the similar experience like Gatsby did. Fitzgerald used to be a solider, he went to Europe and attended the World War One in 1917. In addition, he married to Zelda Sayre, a girl who was a daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court Judge in 1919.

It is not hard to find that his own life experience is similar with Gatsby and his wife is like Daisy, his wife is a “top girl” in the rich-class in 1920s (books and writers, 2002). However, there are a large number of rumors in the groups of people who know him. ‘Gatsby's great wealth is a subject of much rumor; none of the guests Nick meets at Gatsby's parties know much about his past.’ (wikipedia, 2007). As can be seen from The Great Gatsby, ‘It’s more that he was a German spy during the war’ and ‘I’ll bet he killed a man.’ (The Great Gatsby,1925) . These soldiers have plentiful money. They utilized their money to buy all kinds of new-fashioned commodities in the North American Market. There is no doubt that the capital of these soldiers is one of the most important reasons why the North...