Great to be Grateful

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Great to be Grateful

According to the American Heritage Dictionary the word grateful means "1. Appreciative; Thankful. 2. Expressing gratitude. 3. Pleasing; Agreeable." In my heart the deep meaning of grateful is remembering and being very thankful, for the little and special blessings in my life. I never take for granted the simple blessings like being alive, married, and being an American. Far too often it is easier to forget and not understand how important it means to be grateful, for all of the blessings that I have. Usually all I have to do is just simply look around, and I am reminded of these great blessings for which I am grateful. Happy and proud are my sincere feelings when I realize how grateful I am for being alive, married, and an American.

Waking every morning I am grateful that Jesus, grants me the ability to awaken in my own warm comfortable bed.

People all over the world have the blues or are in horrible health, but I am healthy and happy. Every morning when I wake up I am grateful to almighty God that I have the strength, courage, and motivation to live an inspired and vibrant life. Many people travel through life with regret and doubt, but I am grateful that I can experience the guiding light of the divine sun because it reminds me that I am alive.

Stunning is the only way to describe my amazing and beautiful wife Holly, I am grateful to have discovered what a beautiful and caring person she truly is. Sacrificing her comforts, so that I may pursue an education; therefore, she is my heart and soul and I realize that without her I am a black and empty shell. Being my strength and my inspiration, she is my...