Great Lakes Pollution

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The advertisement I chose to analyze was Mossy Oak brand camouflage clothing.

In the ad is a picture of what one would assume to be a father and a son sitting up in an oak tree in a hunting stand. Both are dressed from head to toe in camo, and the photo is in black and white. Armed with their bows on their laps and huge grins on their faces it seems there is no place they would rather be. In big, bold print it says "Sometimes it's not just a critter we are trying to get close to". In this ad Mossy Oak is trying to sell their product by promoting family togetherness.

There are many features in this ad that relate back to family. The most obvious would be the father and the son. The second would be the quote in the middle of the ad from the president of the company that says "Sometimes it's not just a critter we are trying to get closer to."

Another would be the paragraph written at the bottom of the page that talks about Mossy Oak's commitment to not only providing customers with quality camouflage clothing but also with the opportunity to get closer to more important things, which is referring to family. All of these features of the ad are promoting family togetherness.

The most effective of these features would be the image of the father and the son. There are many reasons for this. Family is a very important aspect of our culture