A Great Leader in History

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George W. Bush has displayed a natural ability to lead using his skills of management, and his powerful aides. The leadership of George W. Bush revealed unwavering leadership skills of the first American president with an MBA and illustrates how he used them to operate within the arenas of politics, business, and life.

As a governor, Bush successfully sponsored legislation for tort reform, increased education funding, set higher standards for schools, and reformed the criminal justice system. Bush used budget surplus to put through $2 billion tax-cut plan giving him the credentials of pro-business fiscal conservative. Bush also pioneered faith based welfare programs by extending government funding and support for religious organizations that provided social services as education, and reduction in domestic violence. From above, George W. Bush has demonstrated using the skills model of his knowledge and abilities need for effective leadership, in solving complex state problems. The skills models consisting of individuals attributes, competencies and leadership outcomes which George W.

Bush must have learned through education and experiences. George W. Bush has a social judgment skill in understanding people and their social needs. These enabled him to work with others in saving solving these problems in Texas and also marshalling support to implement change within the state. Again, George W. Bush's baseball and oil exploration company was a political spring board which publicized him and also demonstrating that he could manage complex organizations.

George W. Bush exhibited impressive strengths in organizing for his presidency and advancing programs. He strategically nominated on shrewd Dick Cheney for his running mate who compensated for his own lack of national experience. Bush and his associates demonstrated a teamwork spirit which promoted their legislative agendum, which brought successes to bipartisanship which he lauded for in his victory speech. George W. Bush has used...