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Bad Day I woke up Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. as usual, and then when I got up out of bed I stubbed my toe. I about ripped my toenail off and there was a lot of blood. I got my toe to stop bleeding and put a bandage on it and got ready to take a shower. When I got in the shower the hot water heater went out so about half way through the shower was like ice water. After I finished taking a shower, I dried off and started to get dressed. When I put my shirt on a button broke off, by this time I was starting to get upset.

I started making my breakfast, which consisted of cereal and a vitamin. I poured my cereal into a bowl and got the milk out of the refrigerator, as I started pouring the milk I smelled something nasty.

As I looked down into the bowl and I saw that, my milk was chunky like cottage cheese. I poured my cereal out and just had my vitamin.

I went to school at 9:00 a.m. and started my first class of Criminal justice. I like that class, I learn about the law and the right way and wrong way to make an arrest. Then I went to my Criminal Investigations class, in there I learn about how to find facts in a crime scene to convict a criminal or to provide evidence to prove someone innocent. Then I start my English class, to be honest its not that I do not like English its just I do not have a lot of time to do it but I try my best and hope I make it through. In English, I learn about the proper way to write an essay with the use of grammar and punctuation.

When I started work Monday, I could not find a lot of the paper work I have to have to enter the sales into the computer. After I enter the sales, I use a forklift to unload and load the transport. When I started to unload the transport, I picked up a pallet of drinking water and a hydraulic hose on the lift busted. It was like Niagara Falls, oil was squirting everywhere, and there were puddles of oil everywhere. After I cleaned up all the oil, I realized that the forklift was useless to me now it was like a giant 3500-pound paperweight. Therefore my boss called barhns forklift and repair to come and fix my lift; it took them 2 hours to show up. When they did, show up they realized that they did not have the parts to fix it. Therefore, they called barhns and asked that another forklift be brought to Hinckley so I could use it while the other one gets fixed.

Therefore, the people from barns brought another lift, loaded my lift and took off. Well, I started using the other lift, it ran out of propane, and I had just put our last bottle on the other lift. I did not have another bottle of propane to put on this lift so I had paperweight number two. Well I had to push the lift out of the way so I could start hand loading the trucks. All three trucks wanted over 180 bottles on each truck, and each bottle weighs 55 pounds. Therefore, I had to pick up 540 bottles and put them on the trucks it took me about six hours to do a job that normally takes 3 hours. By the time I was done, I was tired and my arms felt like Jell-O! After I was done loading the trucks, I was backing them into the building and a pallet of 36 fell off the truck. I broke 15 bottles and had to clean up that mess, and then I restacked that pallet.

When I started home, I hit a deer. I just bought my Dodge Durango and hit a deer, by this time I was so mad I could not even see straight. Thankfully, the deer did not do too much damage, but I did kill the deer. Well finally I went home went to bed after having such a wonderful day!