The Great Stem Cell Research Debate

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The focus of this project will be predominantly on the medical field and the pros and cons of working in such a field. This field is a very diverse field to go into, and there are many different areas that can be covered. The reason I have chosen this occupation is because for the longest time I have wanted to go into a profession where I could help people stay well and help sick people get better. I want to help find a cure for something (Cancer, AIDS, Leukemia, etc…) and I want people with these diseases to be able to continue to live normal lives. Unlike many careers, this would give me a chance to change something in the world that can be remembered for decades. I feel that doing something like that would be important because it would give me recognition, which many people never get after their death.

I want to be helping people long after I'm gone, and this career gives me that opportunity.

The career has many different pros to it, and there are also cons to working in this profession. The first challenge of this profession is the mere fact that you have to attend many years of undergraduate, graduate, and professional school in order to even be considered for this profession. There is also med school, which takes time, money, and lots of hard work to get into. Ahead, I see years of long, hard work and studying to get into med school and after that, I see medical school being very difficult and even after graduating, the internship at a hospital will prove to be very, very difficult. The definition of the actual career of being a doctor entails a lot of different jobs. A doctor is a person who has the...