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Saint Valentine was a well-remembered man. Millions of cards are sent out each year on his feast and death day. People buy chocolates for each other in his honor. Saint Valentine is the patron saint of, bee keepers,epilepsy, fainting, greetings, plague, travellers, and young people. So why do so many people celebrate his feast day? You don't see anyone sending cards that say "Happy Saint Genevieve's Day!" do you? Well, any people find this day to let their loved ones one know how they feel about them. They do this because on this day, Saint Valentitne, not only the patron of bee keepers,epilepsy, fainting, greetings, plague, travellers, and young people, he is also the patron saint of affaianced couple betrothed couples, engaged couples, happy marriages and love. Saint Valentitne, on the observed day of February 14th, died for love.

Little is known about the life of Saint Valentine, though much is known about his death.

There are many legends of Saint Valentine, his miracles and his death, his love and his final words, but nothing is truly known for sure.

Saint Valentine lived in Rome during the third century. At that time, an emperor named Claudius ruled Rome. Not many people like the Emperor Claudius because he passed laws that not many people agreed with. Valentine was one of those people. Claudius, like many Roman Emperors wanted to have a large, strong army. He expected men to volunteer to join though many men did not want to join the Roman military. They did not want to leave their wives, sweethearts and families. Claudius began to outlaw marriages because it would distract men from being in the military. Not many men like this idea, but there was no stopping Claudius. He passed a law that said if men were...