Great technology: Google Glasses

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Great technology: Google Glasses

Brown believes that the Web could dramatically change work, education and the ways people learn. Further, he believes that the Web would be developed in an S-curve pattern and we are just in the very bottom of the S-curve. The S-curve describes the value of the Web changes over the time. Google Glasses is a technology that is invented in the booming of the Web. This essay will explain if Google Glasses would be beneficial to work, education and the ways people learn in three dimensions.

The first dimension is literacy. The Web enables literacy to go beyond only text and images and makes a new form of literacy, which is information navigation. The new literacy will enable people to customize their knowledge and filter out the target knowledge from an enormous data pool. Google Glasses can make information navigation smart by automatically navigating information for users according to pre-defined preferences.

For example, Google Glasses would automatically remind the user that the subway is out of service when the user arrives at entry to the subway. The user does not request a search but Google Glasses do the search. Because Google Glasses detect the subway station is near the user and it is a transportation that user may take according to the preference. In other words, it filters the information for the user on his or her will. Moreover, it can make the information navigation more efficient. For example, the voice control function can save time on typing key words especially when the user is trying to search some technique terms that is long and hard to remember. However, Google Glasses also have negative effects on information navigation. In Google Glasses, information is limited in some extent. Because all the information that users can access...