The Greatest Bands/Artists of All Time

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The Greatest Bands/Artists of All Time



The Beatles all began in March 1975, when John Lennon and his friend Pete Shotton started a group called "The Black Jacks". They soon changed their name to "The Quarry Men". They just did gigs in their town. In July 1957, The Quarry Men had just finished performing at St. Peter's Parish Church in Liverpool when they were introduced to a guitarist named James Paul McCartney. Pete Shotton asked Paul to join the band on July 20. Paul joined the band, and The Quarry Men made their debut performance on October 18. Paul and George Harrison were students at "Liverpool Institute High School for Boys". On Feb 6 1958, Paul introduced George to John. George convinced John to allow him to join The Quarry Men. On Aug. 29, 1958, John accepted George into The Quarry Men, which then turned into seven members, before ending in 1959 because of a lack of gigs.

George joined another group, which split up. Then he and fellow group member Ken Brown got together with John and Paul for some performances at the Casbah Club, from Aug 29 1959 until Oct 10, when a financial dispute ended their relationship with the club and Ken Brown. The trio went on as "Johnny and the Moondogs". In Jan. 1960, John invited his friend Stu Sutcliff to join the group. In May they renamed themselves The "Beetles", then The "Silver Beetles". In June, they changed their name again, to the "Silver Beatles". In May, a drummer named Tommy Moore joined them. On May 18th they began a nine-day tour in Scotland as a back up band to an artist named Johnny Gentle. Tommy left the group afterwards due to debt. In July 1960 they discovered a...