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Greatest inventions of twentieth century

If we transported to a century back, I am pretty sure most of us would not be able to survive. They had no televisions, no computers, no cellphones, and no technology as we know it these days. Those inventions did not appear from one day to another; they took time and changed completely our lives.

One of the most revolutionary inventions was the television. It was not invented by a single person, but many references name Philo T. Farnsworth since he was the first to transmit electrical image in 1927. Even though everybody was skeptical about the idea of sitting in front a box to watch an image, it became very popular in the 1950s. Since then, its popularity started to increase rapidly. As it became more popular, it also became more affordable so more people could have one at home. After that, family dinners were never the same.

The television industry started to grow so fast that the television guide increased with new programs and channels. It became a family activity. These days, nobody could imagine a life without their favorite TV show, news, or movies. It is always involved in people's free time to relax or get informed.

Another great invention is the computer. Konrad Zuse invented the first working programmable computing machine in 1941. The first computers were very big, expensive and non-practical, but they got sophisticated with time so today we have the computers as we know. In this technological era they are indispensable for most of the people for every aspect of their lives. Computers are primary used at work. People need them to make arrangements, save data, find information, manage calendars, design, presentations and almost every task at offices. They are also used for people's personal life. Now that...