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Chelsea Gruenemeier


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When we think of greatness many things could be brought up in context of that subject. For example achieving long/short term goals, accomplishing something you never thought you could, or maybe even something as simple as taking out the garbage without being told to. We all have a certain meaning to the word greatness. Let me tell you how my experience helped me achieve greatness.

It was mid fall as I woke up to a slightly nervous but excited feeling. The day had come and I was in the 9th grade that I could try out for the high school varsity cheerleading team. I already had some background in cheerleading as I started when I was a little girl. As I woke up out of bed that morning I confidently went over the "tryout" and "dance" in my room. As I arrived at school I could tell my friends whom were also trying out had a certain attitude to them as they walked through the hall knowing that quite possibly they could be popular if they made the team.

I found that funny. The end of the day bell rang and suddenly that kind of excited but nervous feeling went to all out nervous and scared. It was time, the moment of truth. All of the girls trying out were already in the gym warming up. I remember thinking to myself "How in the heck did they get out here so fast." Then the coach showed up. Her name was Mrs. Williams. She didn't quite look like the cheerleading coach type. She was a shorter lady and had an old fashioned look to her. As she started to talk and split us up into groups I noticed one of the judges. She was my...